Capsules for sleep at the airport

GoSleep.Moscow Capsule Hotel offers accommodation in single rooms-capsules. All capsules meet sanitary and safety requirements. Capsules are cleaned after each guest. Each capsule has a comfortable microclimate and ventilation.

  • Comfortable bed (72 cm width, 190 cm length)

  • Sufficient space for comfortable stay of 1 person

  • Indoor location for 12 capsules with air conditioning and the panoramic windows view of the airport runways

  • USB connector for charging gadgets

  • Individual lighting

  • Additional options for your comfort: sheet, plaid and pillow

  • Free wi-fi

  • Possibility to choose capsule

  • Light-and-noise shutter with ventilation (fixation in various positions – from open, to partial or completely closed)

  • Luggage compartment

  • Cup holder

The history of the GoSleep concept

Finnish designers, inspired by the idea of creating comfortable conditions for sleep and rest of passengers came up with an organic solution – GoSleep capsules. Accommodation conditions can be compared to those of business lounge but are available at a moderate price. The GoSleep capsule is designed and manufactured in Finland from quality eco materials. Capsules are cozy and comfortable. Even with a shutter completely closed, the air inside the capsule circulates freely and part of the light will pass through the ventilation holes in the shutter. A sliding shutter inside the capsule protect from the lights and noise of the airport.

Created specifically for sleeping and rest, the capsules offer you peace and privacy, guarantee safety and security while you rest.
Ergonomic capsule has a size of 80 cm by 200 cm, a comfortable bed processed with a special hypoallergenic composition.

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