Comfortable waiting for a flight at GoSleep.Moscow

in an international departure zone

Individual rooms-capsules
with a luggage compartment and USB-sockets

Flexible hourly rates
starting 1 hour during the day and 3 hours at night

free Wi-fi

What is a capsule hotel?

12 capsules are in a futuristic design with comfortable individual sleeping places equipped with ventilation, a USB slot for charging gadgets, a cup holder, a luggage compartment for personal belongings.
Guests can enjoy the panoramic windows view of the airport runways or close the soft shutters and sleep before the flight. Free Wi-Fi is available on site.

4 reasons to choose a GoSleep.Moscow

  • Transit flight

You have to spend time in the clean (transit) zone of Sheremetyevo International Airport, waiting for the next connecting flight

  • Delated departure

Due to technical, weather and other unforeseen reasons, your flight is delayed for an indefinite period of time

  • Missed your flight

You have missed your flight and have to wait for the next international flight

  • Early arrival to the airport

You arrived at the airport in advance so as not to be late for your flight

Want to relax before a long flight?
Don’t know how to spend comfortable time while waiting for your flight?
Are you looking for a hostel or hotel in Sheremetyevo?
We are closer than you think.

GoSleep capsules for sleep and rest are located in the terminal E in a clean zone after the international flights passport control on the 3rd floor. You can easily reach us from the clean zone of terminals D and F. It is a 20-minutes walk from the Capsule Hotel to the furthest exit of terminal D is 20 minutes, and a 15-minutes walk to the furthest exit of terminal F. The hotel operates 24/7. Waiting for you!