The location of the capsule hotel GoSleep

The hotel is located at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal E, 3rd floor, sterile zone after passport control (international flights) near gate №36 (on the left), near the Mother-and-child room and medical center. Look at the map:

If you are looking for a hostel or hotel in Sheremetyevo, we are closer than you think. GoSleep capsules are located in the terminal E in a clean zone after the international flights passport control on the 3rd floor. You can easily reach us from the clean zone of terminals D and F. It is a 20-minutes walk from the Capsule Hotel to the furthest exit of terminal D is 20 minutes, and a 15-minutes walk to the furthest exit of terminal F. The hotel operates 24/7. If you can not leave the international transit zone or you do not have much time to leave the airport terminal to book a hotel room– come and stay with GoSleep.Moscow.