Rules of accommodation in the passengers Hotel-type Rest Zone with capsule-type furniture GoSleep.Moscow

  1. General Provisions

1.1. The passengers Hotel-type Rest Zone with capsule-type furniture GoSleep.Moscow (hereinafter referred to as the “Rest Zone”) offers its guests round-the-clock service.

1.2. The check-in and check-out time is not fixed, it can be chosen at the time of booking, unless otherwise specified in the tariff chosen at the time of booking.

1.3. Hourly payment shall be applied for accommodation services, taking into account the established minimum number of hours during the daytime and at night.

1.4. . Prices for accommodation, a list of services included in the price, extras, as well as the payment procedure are established by the administration.

1.5. Payment for accommodation services shall be made in accordance with the approved Price list in Russian rubles. Guests pay full price for the capsule booked prior to check-in. The cash receipt and invoice are issued to the guest immediately after payment. Payment can be made in cash, via bank transfer or credit card.

1.6. The Rest Zone has the right to charge the amount pre-authorized at the time of booking as a penalty for no-show, as well as in case of non-payment for additional services.

1.7. Registration and check-in are possible only upon presentation of a boarding pass and filling in and signing the registration form. A filled in and signed by both parties registration form is a document confirming the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services between the Rest Zone and the guest.

1.8. Submitting the documents, the guest gives his consent to collecting, storing, processing and destroying his personal data in a 2 years term for the purposes stipulated by the Russian legislation. Upon arrival to the Rest Zone, the guest is accommodated for a period not exceeding 24 hours.

1.9. Persons who have reached the age of 14 years can be accommodated unaccompanied. Children under the age of 7 are accommodated free of charge, with no extra bed.

1.10. A 15-minutes delay at check-out shall be paid at the minimum hourly rate. Extension of the reservation after the check-out is possible for at least 1 hour.

1.11. The guest can refuse the paid service in case of malfunctions, elimination of which is impossible and which have been detected within 30 minutes after check-in. In this case, the Rest Zone refunds the full amount under the condition the guest did not use the capsule. The guest must provide the original fiscal receipt and submit a personal application.

1.12. When leaving the Rest Zone, the guest must come to the reception desk to return the things hired.

  1. The Rest Zone rights and obligations.

2.1. The Rest Zone is obliged to:

– In full and timely manner offer its guests paid services.

– Ensure the confidentiality of information about guests and visitors of the Rest Zone.

– Respond in timely manner to the guest requests to eliminate inconveniences, malfunctions in the Rest Zone and other complaints and suggestions.

– In the event of an accident or failure of any equipment in the capsule and the impossibility of eliminating such failure or malfunction, offer the guest a capsule of the same or higher category. In case the Rest Zone fails to eliminate such malfunctions, a full refund shall be made.

– Offer the guests and visitors the following free of charge services: calling an ambulance, other special services; use of the first-aid kit (available at the reception). delivery of correspondence upon receipt; providing additional heaters, blankets; plaid, wake-up call, according to the preliminary request of the guest; hot water, needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery.

2.2. The Rest Zone has the right to:

– Refuse the accommodation and evict the guest from the Rest Zone in case of violation of the present Rules, late payment for additional services, and manifestation by the guest of aggression towards personnel and other guests or actions that may threaten safety, health or property of others.

– Refuse further stay in the Rest Zone in case of gross violation of the rules of conduct or safety regulations with the obligatory drawing up of an act describing the cause of incident and apply, upon necessity, to the competent authorities.

2.3. In the event of termination of the guest’s stay in connection with the violation of paragraph 2.2 the refund for the service paid but not provided to the respective guest shall be made in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.4. For the sake of safety, it is recommended that all personal belongings be left in the individual luggage compartments under the seat of the capsule. In accordance with Article 925 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Rest Zone shall not be held responsible for the safety of money and things left unattended on the territory of the Rest Zone.

2.5. The Rest Zone shall not be held responsible for the operation of city and district communal services (emergency shutdown of electrical and thermal energy, water supply).

  1. Guest rights and responsibilities

3.1. The guest is obliged to:

– Comply with the Rules of accommodation in the passengers Hotel-type Rest Zone with capsule-type furniture GoSleep.Moscow.

– Comply with the payment procedure for the services provided, namely, payment in amount of 100% prior to rendering the service.

– Strictly observe the rules of fire safety.

– Observe silence in the Rest Zone and not disturb other guests. SILENCE regime shall be observed in the Rest Zone around-the-clock. Guests shall use headphones when viewing/listening to media files on personal devices on the territory of the Rest Zone.

– Smoke in strictly designated areas, in accordance with the legislation in force of the Russian Federation;

– Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the territory of the Rest Zone.

– Observe cleanliness; treat carefully the property and equipment of the Rest Zone.

– Bear responsibility and compensate for the damage in case of intentional and unintentional damage or loss of the Rest Zone property according to the legislation in force of the Russian Federation and the present Rules. The damage is determined by the current price list as per the date of the damage. An act of compensation for damages shall be made in 2 copies in case of such compensation for damages.

– Avoid creating create conditions and prevent accidents of power grids, water and heat supply networks and other technical, engineering systems and equipment of the hotel.

– When leaving the shower/capsule, turn off the water, lights and electric appliances.

– When leaving the Rest Zone, take the capsule to the administrator.

3.2. Guest has the right to:

– Inform himself/herself about the functioning of the capsule before the check-in.

– Receive information about the operation of Rest Zone, make preliminary order of services, receive information on the status of account and make payments.

– Contact the reception regarding the quality of the services provided.

– Fill in a questionnaire, a book of complaints and suggestions or post comments on the official website.

– In case of improper services provided during the stay such as malfunctions of sanitary ware, electrical wiring, electrical appliances, furniture, the guest has the right to ask for the free of charge elimination of malfunctions, provided that the malfunctions were not caused by the deliberate actions of the guest or his visitors.

3.3. The following shall be strictly prohibited on the premises of the Rest Zone:

– Smoking in capsules and on the premises of the Rest Zone.

– Consumption of alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances. We refuse the accommodation of guests under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances. In case of detection of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the Rest Zone, the administration reserves the right to withdraw them.

– Violating public order, disturb other guests.

– Eating and keeping food in capsules.

– Using the sound signal of mobile phones/tablets/laptops and other electronic devices in the Rest Zone;

– Using any electric heaters other than those installed in common areas. Leave unattended devices connected to the mains.

– Entering the reception zone and other office spaces.

– Pets are not allowed.

– Bringing, leaving in capsules and on the premises of the Rest Zone unauthorized persons (persons who are not a party to the contract for the provision of services).

– Storing in capsules large items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical, radioactive and explosive substances, mercury.

– Guests who have the right to bear and keep arms due to their professional activities shall be required to provide documents certifying this right upon the request of the receptionist.

– Littering the premises of the Rest Zone.

– Transporting and leaving luggage trolleys on the premises of the Rest Zone.
In case of violation of the conditions specified in the present section as well as other provisions of the present Rules of accommodation, the administration reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services.

3.4. The guest is responsible for causing material damage and violation of the present Rules of accommodation caused by the persons invited by the guest.

3.5. The guest accepts and does not object to the use of video surveillance systems on the premises of the Rest Zone (except for capsules, showers).

  1. The left luggage

4.1. In case of forgotten things or other property belonging to the guests, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners.

4.2. If the owner is not found the forgotten things are stored in the Rest Zone until the owner claims them, but not more than 1 month, being further transferred to the Airport Lost and Found Office.

4.3. Food products are not subject to long-term storage and are subject to disposal.

  1. Disputes resolution

5.1. The book of complaints and suggestions is available at the reception desk upon request. Requirements and complaints are considered within five-day term starting the date of filing a complaint.

5.2. In the event of any disputes regarding the quality of service, both parties should make their best to resolve the issue on the spot. If the problem cannot be resolved on the spot, the guest must state his claims in writing. Failure to comply with the present condition may serve as ground for full or partial refusal to satisfy the claim.

The Rest Zone reserves the right to apply measures to violators of any point of these rules including cancellation of booking and eviction without any refund, as we as the right to refuse accommodation in case the guest is under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances.